"And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them." (Mark 10:16)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Surprise Visit

Update from Laura...

We continue to be amazed at the steps on this journey.  There's nothing like getting a call one day from the lawyer in Port-au-Prince asking, "how soon can you come to Haiti?"  Well, it wasn't exactly on the calendar or in the budget, but we learned that a sit-down face to face meeting with the lawyer, pastor of the orphanage, and one of us (future parents), was imperative in order to move forward with the adoption. After prayerful conversations and many more times asking ourselves, "are we crazy?," we felt God asking us to obey just this one step and He would keep taking us to the next...as He has promised.  So, I booked the flight a few days later, and isn't it funny how God provided a travel partner?  Thanks, Jen Gash!  Jen needed to make contact with orphanages who needed beds from "Sweet Sleep," and she met some precious children and partners.  (Find out how you can help those efforts at www.sweetsleep.org).

So, Jen and I booked our flight on a Wednesday and headed out the next day.  This was my first time to travel "alone."  Since Jen and I had separate meetings to take, we had to have separate drivers and translators, so at several points on the trip, I would look around my car and realize I was the only white, female, English speaking person.  And one time the guy next to me was holding a chicken.  What?!  Again, that "am I crazy?" question popped up.

I will spare details of the meeting...mostly because it is confidential and not to be discussed out of the lawyer's office, but what I can say is that I continue to experience the most amazing presence of the Holy Spirit through this process.  He has been more real to me than ever.  At one point during the meeting, I heard music coming from another room.  As tears flowed down my face, and I kept asking God to help me understand, the laywer said, "we must take a break for afternoon prayer time."  So, we all walked into the next room, joined hands, read scripture, sang, and prayed...all in Haitian Creole.  I have no idea what was said or sung...but I felt it just as sure as if I was in my American church...maybe more.  When we went back into the office and began our meeting again, there was a peace that had not been there before.  Details began to flow, and I found myself right in the midst of beginning the adoption process for these beautiful boys.

I got to go visit them that afternoon (pictured).  Their smiles and laughter are so close to my heart that I'm pretty sure I can hear them now.  Before I left I asked if they had any questions for me.  Wilnes, the oldest, said, "yes, where is your husband?" I explained Todd had to work and was so sorry he couldn't come with me this time, and I asked if I could send him a message for him.  In response he said, "yes, please tell him I'm praying for him."  Thank you, Lord, for the reminder we aren't crazy. 

So, we will hold our first fundraising event this coming Sat, Oct 30.  We are having a community yard sale.  We are already amazed at those who have offered their support and donations.  We keep trusting God will provide for the call He has placed in our lives. We don't know how, but we just remember it's not for us to know...but to trust.    There are still many documents to complete, dotted lines to sign, and legal procedures to pass, so we just can't be sure how long it will all take.   But we keep trusting.

We Believe In You, Wendy, Woody, and Wilnes.  We love you.


  1. Laura,

    The journey you are on is so touching and inspiring. All children are a blessing and for you and Todd to have the opportunity to love and nurture these boys is truly wonderful. God bless you and I'll keep you in my prayers.
    Rebecca Terry Querry

  2. Just got Ronn & Marta's version Saturday and AJ just sent me the blog link. We will be praying for and following your journey.

  3. This brings tears to my eyes. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been a part of this journey from the very beginning, and it is an HONOR to walk beside you as you follow God down this amazing road. Love to you both. Praying for your yard sale this weekend! :)

  4. They are absolutely HANDSOME! I'm so excited for you and Todd. I'll be praying for you!!