"And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them." (Mark 10:16)

Friday, March 4, 2011

The First Trimester

Hey friends, Laura here.  I'll just get right to it...

I've never been pregnant.  I have no clue what it might be like.  I have friends who tell me what it's like, so I have some indication that even an adoption journey is like being pregant.  There's a few differences that no one warned me about...especially when you've already met your children.   My very dear friend Jenny Black recently told me, "You have held your babies.  And today your arms are empty.  They are not gone forever. But they are gone from you today.  How would I feel in that same situation? Heartbroken, lonely, aching for my little ones."  That's exactly it.  I have met and held my children. And now I wait for them to be here with us.

On this day 34 years ago, March 4, 1977, my parents gave birth to my older sister, Amy Michelle Melrose.  They gave her back to Jesus soon after.  I have no idea what that must have felt like.  I have heard my Mom talk about that day and how she had never felt so sad, yet so close to Jesus as He came to hold her after she lost her daughter.  She shared how she felt His physical presence with her and an indescribable peace.  God knows exactly what it feels like to grieve for your children in whatever circumstance.  

Today, 34 years after the birth of Amy,  I was rushing around downtown Nashville trying to get notary certifications and "authentications of certifications" for our adoption paperwork.   Basically, you get signatures that say the previous signatures are valid.  I am usually angry and irritated in those types of circumstances. I fought for parking, walked a million blocks, showed my ID more times than being in an airport, and had unwelcomed contact with disgruntled state workers.  Today was different.   I happily ran from building to building gathering the official documentation that would bring my children home.  It was exhausting, yet precious and extremely peaceful.  I appreciate my mother more today than ever.

So, it's all here - all the documents with signatures of signatures verifying we are able to adopt.   Now it all just has to be translated into French.  Ha! No kidding.  Off to the second trimester...